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July 14th, 2015

A fire in your home can be extremely devastating and in an emergency situation, it is helpful to have a game plan. Below we have listed the steps of what do to after a fire has occurred in your home:


  1. Call fire department: Call 911 as soon as possible when a fire has occurred. Give them your exact location and let them know that there is a fire in your home. If you know the location of where the fire began this information can be helpful as well.
  2. Help: Make sure each of your family members are a safe distance from the fire, including any animals that you may have. Check to ensure that no one is injured or needs immediate attention.
  3. Call: One of the first calls after calling the fire department would be to call your insurance agent. It is important to give them as much information as you can so they can begin to make a claim. After you have called insurance, it would be helpful to also call your landlord/ mortgage company and inform them what has happened and discuss your options with them. Lastly, a call to the police would be beneficial informing them that this residence will be vacant for a little while due to fire, so they can patrol the area and keep your property safe.
  4. Get recommendations for restoration companies: ask your insurance agent if they have any recommendations for fire restoration companies. They may have a good company with whom they have worked with before. This will help give you a start of who to call to help restore your home to its’ pre-fire condition
  5. Ask if safe to go in: Before heading back into your home, be sure to ask the fire department when it is safe to go inside the home. While you are inside the home, if possible, try to gather as many important documents as you can as well as necessities needed to get you through the time being.
  6. Find a place to stay: The next step is to contact friends, family, or even a disaster relief to find a place to stay until your home is restored.  
  7. Notify various places of your new location: Notifying your work, kids’ schools, and the post office of your new location will be very helpful. You might also want to have the post office hold your mail until you are able to move back in.  
  8. Save receipts: After the fire has happened be sure to keep any receipt for a purchase needed because of the fire. These will be useful for insurance and tax reasons.
  9. Keep in contact with restoration company: While fire restoration company that you hired is working on your home, be sure to keep in contact with them getting updates, asking questions you may have, and getting timelines.


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