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June 22nd, 2016


Case Study Overview

To prove the evidence of the photocatalytic properties of NEXT Pathogen Control®, Menold worked with an infectious disease specialist in Peoria, Illinois to conduct a scientific study. To test the effectiveness, Menold applied common pathogens (MRSA, Pseudomonas; the most common causes of nosocomial ICU infections) to slides over a 115 day period. NEXT Pathogen Control® was applied to one set of the slides.


Sample result verification was performed by a third party accredited laboratory. The application of NEXT Pathogen Contol® by Menold eliminated pathogens on contact. After areas had been treated with NEXT Pathogen Control® they were later re-infected with additional pathogens and the treatment continued to work even after 115 days. The slides that were not sprayed with NEXT Pathogen Control® showed high growth of MRSA and Pseudomonas, while the slides treated with NEXT Pathogen Control®had no growth.



The study proves that NEXT Pathogen Control® eliminates pathogens upon application and offers evidence as to the photocatalytic properties found within the formula. This pathogen control method has applications within multiple industries such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, daycare centers, fitness centers, animal care facilities, and food processing plants, where the spread of infectious disease presents a critical health risk.


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