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May 9th, 2017




Keeping your home safe from the elements is a necessity; especially when you have little ones or pets roaming around your humble abode. Moisture is a common enemy to homeowners and is one of the sneakiest predators. It has the potential to cause sickness to you, your family, and even your pets. This is partially due to the fact that homes provide an abundance of organic resources where moisture can hide and mold can feed. Mold and mildew can show up in any area of the house, but the basement often provides the most popular conditions for these spores to grow. Mold in basements can sometimes be nearly impossible to get rid of without first correcting the underlying cause that allows the mold and mildew to thrive.

For example, in your basement, you might find unsightly, black spots growing on your walls, floors, or ceiling. This dangerous substance could be black mold, and like its name suggests, it can bring sickness into your environment. Black mold is in part responsible for "sick building syndrome," where inhabitants develop respiratory difficulties, chest tightness, and headaches. While this is dangerous to all living creatures, our four-legged friends stand the most to lose from being exposed to black mold. For our family pets, mold poisoning takes on a much harsher, severe form, and is a serious, fatal threat. Symptoms fall into three categories: inhalation, allergic reactions, and ingestion.

  • If your dog, cat, or other companion has come into contact mold, monitor his or her breathing. Watch for wheezing, sneezing, and lethargy.
  • An allergic reaction to mold exposure might include above average scratching, tongue chewing or biting, and/or licking. This can lead to open wounds and sores on your pet.
  • The ingestion of mold can lead to gastric symptoms such as decreased appetite, vomiting, and stool changes.

If left unchecked, mold poisoning can affect the kidneys, bones, and even the spinal cord and brain. To prevent mold from ever threatening man's best friend, your feline friends, and any four-legged companion you may have, Menold Construction and Restoration offers 24-hour emergency services when moisture, mold, or mildew has entered your home. To clean up and prevent the spread of mold, Menold explores the black mold growth penetration before removing and deodorizing the affected area. Once this process is complete, their certified and expert-trained team repairs structures that have been damaged by the mold growth, and takes preventative measures to stop the mold from returning. Black mold growth treatment is our specialty, and we've been keeping Central Illinois moisture free since 1977!


If you or your pet ever become sick, and mold is the culprit, Menold has your back. Call us to clean up your home, and return it back to its original condition, for you and your family pet. Call Menold Construction and Restoration today to keep you, your family, and you furry friends safe today.

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