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December 18th, 2017

December through January is the peak time of year for home fires, most of which are due to the holiday season. Unfortunately, the number of fatalities is also 70% higher during this time. It's important to consider your family's and your guests' safety when decorating or preparing seasonal items. 


Knowing the different causes of fires can help you better understand how to prevent them. Some common causes of house fires during the holidays include:


Fires Caused By Cooking



Mealtime is a holiday favorite for most people, but it can also pose a major threat. You don't want to burn your food, and you certainly don't want to burn your house. So, pay attention to what you're cooking, and be sure to remove any flammable objects such as oven mitts, wooden utensils, or food packaging on your stove top. Also, remember to turn your oven off when you're not home.


Candle Fires



We all want our homes to smell lovely and feel cozy during the winter months, but open flames can cause a fire in a matter of seconds if they are not supervised. Set all candles at least one foot away from other household items and never leave one unattended. Also, keep an eye on children running around to ensure that candles are not knocked onto the floor.



Fires Caused By Holiday Lights



Although lights are fun and full of holiday spirit, they are the culprit of many holiday fires. One in three homes experiences a Christmas tree fire caused by electrical problems.

Ensure your lights are safe to use by having your electrical wiring checked before decorating. Determine the limitations of your outlets, and don't plug in more than two cords into a single outlet. Check each strand of lights for broken bulbs and exposed wires. Always remember to unplug all interior lights before you go to bed or exit your home.


Christmas Tree Fires



The symbol of Christmas itself is also one of the most significant fire hazards. The tree is extremely flammable, especially if dried out. It is often placed next to other ignitable objects within the home, allowing the fire to spread quickly.

To prevent your tree from catching fire, make sure live trees are freshly cut and have green needles. Water your tree daily and watch out for any brittle needles. If you're using a pre-lit artificial tree, make sure the lights are in quality condition. Also, place trees at least three feet away from the nearest heat source and use a sturdy tree stand to prevent it from falling over. You don't want to end up like this:



The Menold Team wishes you a safe and happy holiday season, and extends our helping hands to those who've experienced severe damage from a house fire. In addition to our fire damage restoration services, we also offer residential remodeling to begin restoring your home and your life! Call us at 877-636-6537, or contact us online. Connect with our specialists today!

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