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March 1st, 2018

Are you ready to thaw out after a long winter? Now that the weather's warming up, it's the perfect time to prepare your home for those April showers and be ahead of the game for next winter. It's never too early to make sure your home is protected from incoming water.


There can be a variety of problem areas on your home's exterior that can be identified prior to that next downpour. Save yourself from expensive repairs by learning how to spot the problem before the damage starts. Here are three ways to protect your home from water damage in the spring: 



Although it's one of the most tedious and unloved household tasks, cleaning your gutters is more important than you might think. Clogged gutters may cause water to overflow into your home. Prepare by cleaning your gutters out yourself or hiring someone to do it for you. Even if the water trickles down your home's exterior, it can still deteriorate the wall material over time.




If you do not have roof overhangs above your windows, you will be relying on caulking and proper installation. Water should be redirected using a water-resistant product called "head flashing" and weep holes (small openings that allows water to drain). Stop water from entering your windows by making sure these holes are not clogged, confirming the windows are closed tightly, and checking for gaps in the caulking. 




 We know snow is the last thing you want to think about, but it's important to consider how much water snow makes when it melts and how this can result in water damage over time. During the winter, heat from your attic melts the snow and freezes as it reaches the colder overhangs. This causes a build-up of ice, which can become too heavy, breaking the gutters and pushing water up under the shingles.


Quickly repair or replace shingles if you find them to be destroyed or absent, as they are a key source of protection from water. Also, take a good look at your house in dry, rainy, and snowy weather conditions to see if your gutters are doing their job and if you notice any issues with the roof or windows.


What are you waiting for? Get ahead and prepare while the sun's out. We know you'll be glad you followed these tips when winter comes back around. Menold is more than happy to help if your home has already suffered storm damage or water damage! And remember, once water gets in, you also run the risk of mold growing in your home! We're at your service any time, day or night, to begin restoring your property and your life if you need emergency services. Call us today at 877-636-6537 or contact us online now.

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