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June 1st, 2018

Flooding can strike anywhere at any time, making it the most common (and expensive) natural disaster in  the United States. The ensuing water damage can be detrimental, ruining your carpets, furniture, walls, appliances, lighting, electronics and other valuable items, not to mention the mold that follows. Here are five tips to ensure that you're ready when the waters rise.




1. Stay Informed

Always keep an eye on the weather for flood watches or warnings. Knowing if and when a flood will occur in your area is critical when it comes to being well-prepared.


2. Turn Off Power

Stay safe by turning off your main circuit breaker box and unplugging appliances. Also, make sure to have a professional check your electrical appliances if they've come into contact with water before attempting to use them again.


3. Schedule Regular Inspections

Prevent drainage issues and leaks by scheduling regular inspections of all indoor water equipment such as sump pumps, drains, and pipes.


4. Check Your Grade Ensure that the land surrounding your home or business is graded appropriately so that water can drain away from your foundation. Improper grading can direct runoff toward your foundation and weaken it over time. 


5. Watch Storm Drains

The obvious causes of floods include heavy rain, snowmelt, and severe storms; however, storm drains can also clog up and lead to overflow. Avoid flooding by keeping the storm drains near your home clear of leaves and debris.


Menold is here for you, 24/7. From your initial call, we will begin to work immediately to secure the situation and minimize the loss in your home or business. In emergency situations, we are ready to provide you with exemplary service as well as temporary power, lighting, and heating/cooling. Call us today! 877-636-6537

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