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August 1st, 2018

​Hoarding not only poses a threat to your health and mental well-being but your property as well. Here are five  consequences to keep in mind if you or someone you know is suffering from a hoarding disorder.


1. Mold Growth

Mold can develop if trash, spoiled food, or other expired household items aren't disposed of properly. The mold can eventually spread to the walls and floors and lead to poor indoor air quality and structural decay.


2. Infestation

As items begin to pile up, there's a higher chance your property will become a home for pests. Vermin such as mice, cockroaches, and other animals are attracted to left-out food, trash, and clutter. This can contribute to the unsanitary conditions and cause damage to the building's structural integrity.


3. Structural Damage

It's also possible for a hoarder to amass a collection large enough to cause structural damage. A property's framework is often first compromised by decay, which can contribute to the structure's instability until it is unable to bear the weight of the items.


4. Water Damage

Drains may become clogged in more severe cases of hoarding, leading to sewer backup and leaks. If not taken care of quickly, it can eventually lead to serious water damage and mold growth.


5. Fire Hazard

The accumulation of trash, paper, and other flammable materials can pose a fire safety threat not only to an already unstable structure but the resident as well. Cluttered hallways and rooms can jeopardize firefighters' ability to respond to an emergency, while also making it extremely difficult for the resident to exit the building.


Have you experienced property damage due to the repercussions of hoarding such as mold, water, or fire damage? Menold is here for you, offering first-rate mold removal, fire damage restoration, and water damage restoration services. We also provide continuing education classes for insurance agents and real-estate professionals interested in learning more about these topics. Call us today at 877-636-6537 or visit us online for more information.

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