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September 3rd, 2018

Disasters such as fires and floods can happen at any time. That's why disaster preparedness is critical to keep you and your loved ones safe in case of an emergency. Here are ten steps you can take right now to make sure you're as prepared as possible if you experience a flood, fire, or other natural disasters in your area.





1. Download the FEMA mobile app to receive local emergency alerts.


2. Make digital copies of all your critical documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, etc.


3. Consider obtaining flood insurance to ensure that your home is covered in the event of a flood.


4. Create and test an emergency exit plan.


5. Assemble emergency supplies such as flashlights, extra batteries, canned food items, etc.


6. Know how to turn off utilities like natural gas in your home.


7. Create an emergency savings account.


8. Protect your valuable items from floods by moving them to higher levels.


9. Understand your insurance policy covers and how much protection it can provide.


10. Check your smoke alarms at least once a month to ensure they are working properly.


We've seen our share of disasters, and we're always prepared to help you in your time of need. Menold's emergency services are available for you 24/7 365 days a year. Our water damage and fire damage restoration professionals will work to ensure that your property gets back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible. Call us today at 877-636-6537 or visit us online for more information.

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