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March 1st, 2019
Preparing Your Property for Spring Storms

Ready or not, spring is upon us! Although we're all looking forward to green grass and warmer temperatures, spring also brings many natural disasters such as powerful winds, flooding, and tornadoes that can cause severe property damage. Don't be an unprepared property owner! There's not a lot you can do to battle Mother Nature, but there are a few precautions you can take to help prevent damage to your home or business during the spring. Consider the following steps to ensure you and your property are safe:

You can help prevent water damage from a spring flood by:


  • Watching the weather for flood watches and warnings
  • Keeping storm drains near your property clear of debris
  • Unplugging electrical appliances
  • Ensuring your sump pump, drains, and pipes are in working order
  • Checking your landscaping to ensure water is being guided away from your foundation
  • Cleaning your gutters and downspouts


Other things you can do to prevent property damage include:

  • Checking your yard for dead or diseased trees
  • Having your roof regularly inspected by a professional
  • Sealing your doors and windows
  • Secure or store away all outdoor furniture
  • Identify the safest rooms in your property (ideally a room with no windows such as a bathroom)
  • Creating a disaster preparedness kit including flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies, and a supply of food and water


Our construction and restoration experts are available 24/7 for all of your emergency needs. We offer full-service solutions for a variety of property losses, whether it's damage or destruction from floods, fires, smoke, storms, winds, or even molds! Learn more about how we can make your situation better by visiting us online or calling 877-636-6537. 

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