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April 16th, 2019
Grilling Season Has Arrived

Here at Menold's, we are hopeful spring is here to stay after this last weekend - or at least we are staying very optimistic! The Morton branch celebrated by kicking off grilling season with burgers and brats. For those of us that were working the phones at our desks, (we provide 24/7 phone service - you will never talk to a recording!), our Warehouse Manager, Keith, even walked around the office with appetizers!


It's a tradition here at Menold's to grill out once a month when the weather starts warming up. This tradition allows us to get out in the sunshine, get some fresh air, and take time to chat with each other - strengthening our relationships. Being close as a team is super important as we spend a lot of time together in the office and out in the field - so it's wonderful to enjoy some laughs together while grilling.


Often times, we get our meat from Beecham's Market in Tremont. Take it from us, they have some of the best product around. The owners provide great service and attention to detail for all of their customers. Beecham's Market has been serving local communities since 1939, and the small-town feel of the store is something that can not be replaced. The cashier will carry your bag to the car for you, and a full-service butcher is at the meat counter from open to close to cut your meat exactly how you prefer. To put it simply, you need to visit Beecham's if you haven't yet! It's businesses like this one that are an example to us at Menold's. Just like them we strive to provide excellent customer service - service that allows each customer to feel like they matter, because they do. Constant, honest communication is important as well to us, and small-town integrity goes a long way.


We hope you can get out and enjoy this grilling weather as well! Burgers and brats are calling your name. 

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