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May 6th, 2019
Spring Flooding

Last week, Central Illinois region received around 3 inches of rainfall, more in some areas...and this week we are due for more. Thankfully we had some nice, rain-free days over the weekend, but there is another round of rain coming. With the rainfall, the ground becomes over-saturated. And with over-saturated ground, comes flooded basements. 


Flooded basements can be a disaster for homeowners, they're unexpected and can cause major destruction, especially if they have valuables stored there. We at Menold's do our very best to not only act quickly when flooding occurs, but also to give advice and words of caution, to help aid in avoiding such problems that can occur. Our phones were ringing constantly last week, and as we went from home to home, we noticed a reoccurring trend: failed sump pumps.


Every surge event of water damage is different throughout the year. Some floods are caused by frozen pumps/ice build-ups, and others, like the surge last week, is caused by ground saturation. Water finds its way in the basement through cracks and holes, because the ground around the foundation is over-saturated and can not hold anymore water. We advise everyone to double and triple check your sump pumps and your battery back-ups to avoid a flooded basement. Besides just failed sump pumps, leaky foundations can also be the cause of water damage. In this case, we refer the homeowner to a foundation restoration company, to be fixed as quickly as possible.


Last week we saw homes that had finished floors that were damaged, and our team came in to restore the hardwood. Other homes held flooded basements with furniture and other valuables that we helped move to a safe location, and still other homes had dry wall that was damaged because of the water level that had absorbed into it. We had teams out all over the local area, and we were happy to service so many people in our community. 


Flooded basements can reoccur for homes, especially this week with more rain in the forecast. Some tips to avoid devastation in your basement:

  1. Keep valuables and items off your floor. Plastic bins are okay if water affects them, cardboard, however...not so much. We advise you to keep such valuables elevated off the floor.
  2. If you are installing new dry wall, start the installation slightly above floor level.
  3. Act quickly. The faster you can get help after a flood occurs in your basement, the easier it is to mitigate, and the lesser the overall damage. The longer the water sits, the more it can saturate everything. Mold can also develop in homes if the water is not removed in a timely manner.


Although we at Menolds can not stop natural disasters from happening, we can make it better for you. We try our best to respond as quickly as possible to each home - minimizing the damage. Please do not hesitate to reach out! And stay dry this week, friends!

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