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May 28th, 2019
Trade Partner Cookout

Simply to say thanks for all they do.  


Last week we hosted our Trade Partner Cookout in Mahomet, Illinois for the first time. In the past, we hosted these events in Peoria, about every two years. We had many subcontractors attend from all different backgrounds and specialties - framing, painting, flooring, mechanics, etc. Many of these businesses have worked alongside Menold Construction and Restoration for many years, and we could not provide the high level of service to each customer that we do, without their help. Since we were hosting the event at our Mahomet location, and several years ago Menold's merged with USPRO in Mahomet, we had trade partners come that had also worked with USPRO for a long time. Each partner reminded us of how important it is to grow and maintain these great working relationships - not just for ourselves but for our communities and for each and every customer we serve. We took the opportunity over lunch to introduce our entire Mahomet team individually to the group, and then had the chance to chat with each contractor during the cookout.

We also did a short training presentation, to remind each trade partner about Menold's expectations for each job performed. In addition, we reviewed our customer service scores, and looked over our surveys provided by GuildQuality, the company who surveys our customers. One of the questions on the survey specifically asks each customer to rate our subcontractors - outstandingly, this question has consistently received a high score of over 95%. We could not be more proud to work alongside these wonderful businesses.

Hickory River Smokehouse in Urbana catered the event, and everything was delicious. We all left with full stomachs, and a reminder of how blessed we are as a community and a business to be working alongside such awesome, hard-working businesses.

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