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July 29th, 2019
A Home of Heritage in Peoria

For Nancy, this gorgeous New England Colonial style house has been "home" her entire life.  In fact, her parents had it built in 1915, and her family moved in - her parents and a sister. Nancy was born soon after. The piece of land was rumored to have been owned by Laura Bradley, and the place where this house was built was rumored to have been Laura's tomato patch. Nancy remembers her childhood in these walls - running through the rooms with her sister, sitting in the Back Porch which was also known as the Maid's Quarters, and waiting in the Living Room as her father, a physician, cared for his after-hours patients in the next room. 

Originally, her parents bought a single lot but were unable to purchase the adjacent lot because the owners would not sell. A few years later, Nancy's Mom was reading the Sunday paper and noticed that the lot was for sale and they purchased it. Nancy's mother had a pergola built on the additional lot as a focal point which became known as the "summer house" . Next, the family added on to the house - this was when the "Doctor's Office" came to be, and the Maid's Quarters were added. The family knocked walls out, wallpapered, and more, all the while keeping the charm of the lovely home.


When Nancy was older she went off to college. She moved out of her parent's home to get married but 3 years later, her mother passed away. Nancy and her husband moved back in and shortly after, remodeled. The Maid's quarters became the playroom and breakfast room with new wallpaper and paint. Nancy added some new furniture, however a red chair remains in the corner of the Living Room that is still a piece of her childhood. Above the Fireplace is a large framed picture that belonged to Laura Bradley and some of the family heirlooms in the home were added from Nancy's husband's family. Nancy's two sons were raised in this home and continue to preserve the heritage by keeping it in the family.


Such a lovely old home like this is bound to need some repairs, right? We had the extreme pleasure to work with Nancy and her sons to make that happen. Nancy asked Menold to rebuild the pergola "summer house" in the yard and we went to work. Using specific wood and paint, we rebuilt the entire pergola to the original design and dimension. Nancy and her sons were thrilled with the outcome, and so were we! The roof structure is the only part that remains from the original pergola, and today, Nancy can enjoy a new but still familiar summer house. 


This past Winter, we responded to an emergency call from her son about a major water leak. The drum trap in the second floor bathtub had begun to leak and before they could catch it, water seeped all the way down to the first floor. Menold responded immediately, repaired the leak, and cleaned up the damage completely. We repaired and repainted the ceilings and trim on the first floor and they were excited and impressed that we were able to match the paint perfectly to the original trim color which is a light turquoise.


Nancy has nothing but great things to say about Menold and we have nothing but great things to say about her. We so enjoyed working with her and her son and we love a happy ending. Here's to a wonderful heritage in Peoria - may this lovely home remain in your family for years to come! 

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