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July 17th, 2019
Backyard Olympics 2019

Back in 2008, Tom Menold developed a tradition - the annual Summer Olympics for all employees of Menolds. Each year the event begins with an all-company meeting filled with guest speakers, industry outlooks, company updates, and goals that are set. Once this is accomplished, the real fun begins. Team members break out into teams that are drawn at random. These include a mixture of employees from each of our three different branch locations. We spend a few hours competing in team-building games - trivia, mini golf, obstacle courses, who can build the tallest tower, and blind Pictionary, being a few examples. We know that team-building activities have been proven to increase productivity, improve communication, keep employees motivated, and help develop problem-solving skills. On top of this, just being together and having fun all makes the annual Olympics something that the entire company looks forward to.


The Backyard Olympics of 2019 happened last Thursday, July 11th, which also happened to be one full year since USPRO and Menold Construction and Restoration merged as one company. To celebrate, we decided to tone down the normal highly-competitive and calorie-burning intensity of the Summer Olympics and hold the "Backyard Olympics" at the Mahomet branch. 


As always, Thursday began with a lunch and a business meeting. At the meeting, our CEO passed out some awards. Menold Construction and Restoration values our employees on the highest level, and we have a dedicated Recognition Team who meets monthly to spearhead engagement in peer-to-peer recognition, empowering our team to celebrate each other. We celebrate service awards, discuss opportunity for praise, and every quarter we nominate our peers for three awards – "Legendary Service", "The Menold Way", and "Challenge Yourself". Congratulations to the 2nd quarter Recognition Award winners, Keith Beal, Jared Marks, and Travis Cunningham!


After the business meeting and awards, we hosted a cornhole/bags and horseshoe tournament which became quite competitive, while we also relaxed in the shade and had a great time together mingling with our incredible team members. We all don't get to see each other every day depending on which branch we are based out of, so it is extra special to hang out for a day. It was also the first visit to the Mahomet branch for a few of our employees! Congratulations to the bags winning team, Kaye Waters and Kip Joiner, and horseshoe winners, Kip Joiner and Jeff Cole! Next year we will have to have a rematch. 


We are so blessed to be a part of a wonderful company and team, and want to say thanks to our team members who helped coordinate this event and make it possible for all of us to have such a wonderful time. Until next year!

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