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August 14th, 2019
Advanced Technology Services, Inc

We are a part of a wonderful community with so many awesome businesses that we have the privilege of working with, and ATS in Peoria is no exception. Over the last four months, Menold had the honor of working on a large remodeling project for them, and we left with not only satisfied customers, but friends. We are thrilled with the final project, and they are as well.


ATS reached out to us with the idea of remodeling their headquarters to incorporate a new look for their employees to enjoy that was fresh, up-to-date, and modern. Their vision was a work environment that would retain employees, as well as boost their motivation/drive while on the job. We stepped in and worked alongside an architect to prepare an estimate for ATS that went with the architect's design. Along the way, the architect also worked with ATS to revamp the brand's color scheme, and these new colors played into the remodel. It was so fun to watch the vision come to life with the colors - incorporating a new, modern look.

Sean Sarver, one of our superintendents, ran the job for us and our team worked efficiently together with Dick Melton, Program Manager for ATS. Four months after our start date, ATS had a new conference room, storage room, set of bathrooms, cafeteria, and employee entrance area. The design flowed from room to room, and the employees now have an awesome space to feel at home, while at work. One of our biggest challenges during the process was the cabinetry work in the cafeteria and the coffee bar. It required a lot of thought and skill, but the end product fit the area and design perfectly. And with Dick's help, we needed to keep all facilities up and running with temporary access and facilities while these new designs were being installed. A real team effort by their employees and our crews to make it a seamless experience.


ATS chose us originally because we had the pleasure of working alongside them in years past, and they knew us well. ATS said they had good faith that we would do a great job, and we worked hard to ensure this stood true throughout. the Peoria area means a lot to ATS, and working with local businesses is something they try to do to the best of their ability. This company has facilities in Schaumburg, and Greenville, South Carolina, and they provide their technology services to companies in other countries - mainly Mexico and Great Britain, along with the United States. But ATS is based out of Peoria, and they love it here. The community and the people both make it a fantastic place to be. Thanks so much ATS for the privilege to work alongside you to update your headquarters. Until next time!

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