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August 22nd, 2019
WEEK Television Station

Hey Central Illinois, when you watched the news recently, did you happen to notice the television station was going through a remodel? Probably not, right? Well for about the last year, our team has been working with WEEK to completely remodel their entire building. Now this was a fun, challenging project.


The entire project was a series of 3 remodels - each one carefully orchestrated and planned to ensure the station could continue to function while we were working. The hardest of the series was definitely the control rooms. In order for the control rooms to continue to work while we were remodeling took a ton of coordination - but it was worth it because they look fresh, updated, and awesome today. 


Our team designed the new look ourselves in house, and we choose the colors as well. The entire process took over a year and we are so thrilled with the outcome. WEEK was a blast to work side-by-side with, especially since the Central Illinois community is just as important to them, as it is to us. WEEK does their best to keep the community up-to-date with weather alerts, closing and delays, and other events that are beneficial for each of us to hear. Weather alerts are very important to us especially, as we need to be aware when a natural disaster might occur, so we can have plenty of our team on call. Thanks so much, WEEK, for this awesome opportunity to provide you with a new, updated T.V. Station. Keep serving our community well!

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