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November 1st, 2019
A Menold-filled Day

A week and a half ago, our team blocked off Thursday - the entire day - and spent it in one of the best ways we could think of: together. We all traveled to our main headquarters in Morton, and there we spent time growing together, learning together, and celebrating, together.


All-Company Meeting 

We began the day with a company meeting where we discussed the last quarter, how we were working together, ways to improve and grow, and our surrounding communities. Our CEO, Jeff Neihouser, also passed out the 3rd Quarter Employee Appreciation awards - Angie Semon, Peggie Schmitt and Brian Brown received these - worthy winners, that is for sure! We are lucky to know them and work alongside them!


Training Classes 

​After the company meeting took place, we broke off into smaller groups and went into several break-out sessions where we learned and continued to grow together. This is always a very important part of our day, as it is the only way we can continue to succeed and better serve our community. We are so thankful we are working with teammates who pushes each of us to work more diligently, and a community who continues to need us to be the best we can be.


Chili Cook-Off

For lunch, we hosted our 5th annual Chili-off as a company with 14 participants this year - a new record! The results? Amazing. Each employee voted for their two favorites, which proved harder than it sounds because Menold has some pretty amazing chefs! Keith Beal won 1st place, although we can say the prize should go to his wife, Mary, who actually cooked the delicious chili! James Porter was the 2nd place winner. The competition was great, and the food even better.


Chamber Event/Open House 

​We opened our doors to our community after the work day ended. It was our turn to host a Morton Chamber of Commerce Afterhours event, and we decided to open our doors to everyone – Chamber members, insurance contacts, our trade partners, customers, friends, and anyone else driving by. At the beginning of the week our warehouse had been full to the brim with supplies and materials, and in one afternoon, our awesome team had cleaned it up and cleared it out. Now, the community had filled it up, and it was awesome to look out and see so much support for Menold. There was an abundance of food - Jimmy Johns, wraps, dips, shrimp, and more, awesome prizes to win like a $250 Menold carpet cleaning certificate, $100 Home Depot gift card, JBL Bluetooth speaker, and an auto detailing gift package, and lots of great conversation with old and new acquaintances and friends alike. Guests could participate in a fun poll - voting for their favorite remodel we had completed, and we also provided tours of our headquarters and answered questions. Jeff Neihouser gave a short presentation on Menold's outlook for the future, as well as our latest and greatest technology here at Menold that help provide better service to so many of the homes in our community. The Open House left us feeling incredibly blessed, and the entire day left us feeling more like family, than just a team.

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