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December 6th, 2019
Posted by Tami Leman

A couple weeks ago our Morton Superintendents were reminiscing on the "good ole days", when they would all work on the same job and have a blast together. The conversation quickly grew into an idea, and soon an opportunity presented itself: #GivingTuesday. Why not have fun and give back at the same time?

​Word came to us of a home in Washington that was behind schedule on it's construction, and we teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to provide some volunteers! On December 3rd, our team met at 6:30 AM to build a front porch, work on siding, finish up some interior framing, and set some doors on the house.




It really was just like old times, with so many of our crew on the same project, joking, laughing, and getting a lot of work done. The entire day went well, with sunshine to top it off. We cleaned up (even swept the driveway!) and headed for home.

This time of year it is so important to keep our eyes open for those in need in our surrounding community. With the cold weather, it is so easy for us to be content and warm in our homes, and forget there are those out there without a home. We can always lend a helping hand, and be blessed because of it.

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