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January 20th, 2020
Posted by Tami Leman

The Cursillo-Tec Center in Peoria, Illinois was in need of an updated bathroom. The bathrooms were outdated and were starting to fail mechanically. We received a call to help them out and Patrick Coyle led the job. Our team got to work with the biggest challenge being the timeline - we had twelve working days to complete it!





 We gutted almost the entire bathroom down to the studs. Starting fresh, we installed a new ventilation system, new marble counter-tops, new faucets, mirrors, and accessories. We even put in new tile in the showers! Patrick made sure all of the materials were correct and would come in in time, and the rest of the crew helped with the demolition, the framing, the setting of the counter top, and more. Rachel and John's crew came in and cleaned the place from top to bottom. The bathroom was sparkling by the time they were finished! 


Andrew Hagemann, who is the Catholic Director of Diocesan Property for Peoria, became our cheerleader for the job. It was amazing to see how the community rallied around us, pushing us to our goal!











The best part about this particular project was the way our team banded together to ensure it was done on time. Each crew was right there when it was their time to work. Sometimes we worked long into the evening, but the goal was accomplished and we left feeling the satisfaction of a job well done. Each job also presents deeper relationships in the community - like Andrew and others, and we do not take this for granted as well. Our job is to serve the community to the best of our ability, and we hope we always accomplish this, first and foremost. ​


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