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February 16th, 2020
Posted by Tami Leman

Some of you may remember the following photo, taken last year in the Summer! We were able to work alongside these fantastic people at ATS to remodel and update their employee area, and provide their employees with an amazing place to work. Guess what? We went back! 


Last year we worked with them for a period of about four months, and this time the story is a little different. ATS, which stands for Advanced Technology Services, had a Grand Opening coming up of the new space and with just eight weeks to finish the project, our crew set out to tackle it. One of our Superintendents at Menold, Sean Sarver did amazing organizing and running the job. We worked with other local businesses for supplies and other materials - wonderful businesses like Bill White Construction, Sutton Country Carpets, Inc., and 360 Electric. This will forever be our favorite reason we do what we do - connecting with our community, working alongside them, and developing lasting friendships. 

Another challenge hit us hard when our plans changed half way through the project and some of the walls that were going up, had to be redirected. Our crew completed this task however in record time. We love the new display wall with TVs that their ATS marketing department will use often, and the fun colors that the architect choose for the color scheme. The Marketing Department also purchased some fun desks that move up and down depending on whether the employee wants to stand or sit, and an awesome sitting area for a break, to brainstorm, or to work together with a group. The entire room has awesome vibes, and is updated, modern, and trendy - perfect for the area! 



​Advanced Technology Services, Inc. is based out of Peoria, but they work with others all over the world. We are honored to work with them ourselves - updating, remodeling, and assisting them in building and designing spaces for their employees. We help our community better their buildings for their teams to then better assist the world. 


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