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February 27th, 2020
Posted by Tami Leman

​It's not every day that we can describe our job as "delicious", but working on a remodel for Godfather's Pizza might have been the first. Godfather's in Pekin has been open since 1975 and it is definitely a town favorite. The owners, Mike and John, are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, and the pizza is amazing as well.


In the early morning of October 6, 2019, Godfather's had a small fire in their kitchen. The employees were able to contain it to the kitchen, but the sprinkler system went off and soon the dining area was also affected - a wet, soggy mess. Denny Mullins, a friend to one of Godfather's owners, John, suggested they call us, and Patrick received the call for help on October 7th. (Thanks so much, Denny for your referral!) John and the Godfather's crew had no idea where to start after the fire, how to go about restoring, or even what the next step was.  

Patrick and Sean joined forces to manage this big project - the challenge was the timeline. Every day spent remodeling was a day that Godfather's was losing business. The crew worked hard, and one of our favorite parts of the job was watching the transformation go from the fire and water damage to the completely new Godfather's space. Jared, another of our Superintendents, helped Sean build counter tops, the buffet, and hang the pallets from the ceilings. Our crew worked closely with Sutton Country Carpet and the Bill White Construction crew for help with painting and the drop ceilings. 

In 6 weeks time, the job was near completion. Our team coordinated the installation of the new ovens, equipment, ice cream machine, dough mixer, and more - an element that is usually not in our scope of business. Part of learning and growing as a team and business is being stretched, and that's just what happened. Now we know how to install an ice cream machine if the chance ever arises again!





John and the Godfather's crew were thrilled with the results and the new look of the building. We were too! This was such a fun, challenging, and rewarding project for us, and one that will go down in the books. Godfather's gave our Menold survey 4 out of 4 stars for categories like schedule, construction quality, communication, and subcontractor work, and John continued to rave about Patrick and Sean's availability to talk no matter the hour, and their willingness to tackle any project. We are so proud of these two, along with our entire crew. Godfather's reopened on January 20th, 2020, and we were thankful they were only out of business for 3 short months. When Patrick took his family back after the remodel was complete, the place was crowded for dinner!

If you are ever in the Pekin area, stop in and check out the remodel. While you are there, you might as well grab some of the delicious pizza and ice cream from the new machine. Godfather's is open from 11 AM through 11 PM every day. Who knows, you might just run into one of us helping ourselves at the buffet!


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