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March 19th, 2020
Posted by Tami Leman

We have the newest member of our team to introduce to you: none other than Molly the bear. For years now we have connected teddy bears to Menold in our water restoration campaign, but now, the bear has a name. You will see her often - in our social media posts, around town, and in our offices. Who know, she may even go out on some jobs with the team!


Once the virus quarantine is over, we plan to have Molly traveling across our communities - Morton, Peoria, Bloomington, Normal, Champaign and Mahomet, always seeking out great businesses in the area to hang out at. We decided to make it into a game, for you to find her. Here's how it works: Molly will be hiding in a building each month, and we will give you all clues as to where she is. If you are out and about in the community and run into her, take a photo with her and tag us on Facebook. The first person to do this is the winner! There will be a small prize each month for the one who found her, but the most important prize is just that: you found her! We will let you know when the game starts, but in the meantime, stay safe and healthy friends!


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