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April 30th, 2020
Posted by Tami Leman

The El Paso fire department received a late-night call last November from Giovanni's Pizzeria & Brothers Sports Bar. A kitchen fire broke out after everyone had left for the night, and smoke traveled through the walls to the buildings beyond. Next door, Burster Inn Banquet Center suffered damage as smoke traveled through all 3 levels - the main reception hall, the basement, and the residence upstairs. When Menold received the call, we responded right away - an old-century cleaning project was on the schedule. The Banquet Center has been used to host wedding receptions, retirement parties, bridal and baby showers, and even have had overnight guests. The owners were anxious to get the venue back up and running again! 

Luckily, there was no structural damage, just soot and the smell of smoke. One of our teams brought in air scrubbers and performed some emergency cleaning. Everything on-site was thoroughly cleaned.




We respond to all types of emergency calls, in all types of buildings. But when it comes to preserving and restoring and cleaning buildings with lots of history, we are always intrigued and extra careful of the old artifacts. The knowledge that we are helping preserve a building with memories in every wall, is something we do not take lightly.


If you've ever been to the Burster Inn Banquet Hall, then you've seen the grand interior building with tall ceilings that hold big, beautiful chandeliers, and a bur oak staircase on the side of the hall. The woodwork by the alcove, the hardwood floor, and the staircase are some of the features that date back to 1894. Named after the builder of the hall, George Burster, the hall experienced several different purposes before it's present-day usage. It started as a gentlemen's clothing store back in the early 1900's with a tailor shop upstairs. In 1984, the owners today, the Heibenthals​, ​bought the building, and the wife developed the space into her own clothing store, and then later on - a gift shop. The family lived upstairs during this time! When the husband's job moved them to Tennessee, she thought of the idea of a Banquet Hall for Burster Inn, with her daughter, still living in El Paso, becoming the manager. 





El Paso is thrilled to have such a beautiful venue with so much history, and we were thrilled to be able to clean it and continue to preserve it for them. It's buildings like this that teach us about days gone by, and we here at Menold hope to continue to provide our services to the community in instances like this one, so those days can be remembered for years to come. 



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