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April 13th, 2020
Posted by Tami Leman

We can be the best in the business in water restoration, carpentry, etc., but without our safety practices, we  would be an accident waiting to happen!  We believe safety is one of the key elements that separates the good from the best. At Menold we believe this is reflected in the way we continue to provide education to our team, every tool we handle, every job site we arrive to and leave from, and every day spent working alongside our team members out in the community. 

That being said, we have an awesome team member in place, Jon Stapel, who is basically in charge of all things safety here at Menold. Not only does Jon educate all of us often, but with his help we have set some practices in place to insure not only our safety, but the safety of everyone we may come in contact with in the community. These are some of the guidelines we have set in place to maintain that standard at Menold Construction and Restoration:


Safety prior to the job:

  • Professional certification. It is essential for us that our employees have the most excellent training available in the field of construction and restoration. We have found this available in the IICRC (visit for more information). Through the IICRC, our employees receive the certification and training necessary to provide exceptional service in water restoration, carpet cleaning, fire and smoke damage, and many other areas. Two of our team members, Dan Beal and Angie Semon, have achieved the highest level of water damage certification available through IICRC. They are great assets to our team and our community, and continue to help the rest of us with their knowledge!
  • Monthly Toolbox Talks with our team member, Jon. Each month a talk on safety measures is sent to all of our employees, who are required to read the material and verify with a signature, ensuring that our team is continually growing in our knowledge of best practices in safety!
  • Local conferences. A wonderful opportunity to learn and benefit our team and the entire construction and renovation community is local conferences that include presentations on safety! During these conferences, we learn from individuals who are highly experienced and educated in our field, and sometimes we learn from those who have learned the hard way in the past with their personal accidents on the job.
  • Job shadowing. This is a priority for us at Menold. We believe that hands-on experience is the best teacher, so we require all our employees (including office staff!) to spend time in on-the-job training with our construction and restoration crews. This gives an opportunity to learn on-site best safety practices before they are on their own.




Safety on the job:

  • Protecting the home. Treating each of our client's homes with the same care we would treat our own is a priority for us. This means that we implement corner protectors to avoid any damage from our equipment. We also take steps to protect and maintain the quality of the floor by utilizing runners, hardwood protectors, and plastic adhesive on carpet.
  • Cleanliness. We wouldn't want to have to clean behind a construction or restoration crew, and neither should our clients. We see cleanliness as a core part of our responsibility on each job. This means taking measures to contain the dust and debris in only the area we are working in, wearing plastic booties to protect the flooring, and vacuuming at the end of every work day.
  • Other safety precautions as a team include all employees carrying their photo ID badge, regular safety inspections, locking your home and shutting off lights when we leave, and never arriving to the job site unannounced.





Our team strives to be the most courteous, well-educated, safe, and thorough in our field. We never want to walk away from a day's work with the space in worst shape than when we arrived. We only hope that our Menold standard is shown to each and every individual in the community that we come in contact with!​




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