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May 18th, 2020
Posted by Tami Leman

Menold has completed thousands of projects throughout the years, from restoring endless flooded  basements to beautiful high-end commercial remodels. Along the way, we have found a certain satisfaction that comes from a crisp and clean bathroom remodel. The results not only look amazing, but allow the employees of the business to feel more valued too. We saw this with our own eyes, and then decided to do some research on whether a clean, updated bathroom actually affected the work place and the business itself.


Most Americans say they expect a high-quality business to have a high-quality bathroom. When it comes to sales, 50% of Americans say they will spend more at a business that has a clean bathroom situation. Going even farther, 67% of Americans make a conscious decision to do business based on whether or not the institution has a clean, well-maintained bathroom. On the flip side, 55% are unlikely to return to a business if they had a bad experience in the restrooms. 


More than just the consumer, however, bathrooms are vital to the health of the business, inside. Employees use their facilities every day, and this can set the tone for the rest of the work environment! We love taking an old, outdated restroom and creating a bright, happy environment for a business, knowing the full impact this will have on the team. Employees feel taken care of, and highly valued. 


Besides employee retention, businesses choose to remodel their bathrooms for a variety of reasons. These may include functional and up-to-code requirements, rearranging the space, updated fixtures, or installing appealing amenities like multi-faucet sinks, or motion sensor dryers and toilets.  






Dim lighting, toilet paper on the floor, outdated sinks, empty soap dispensers...all of these give off a wrong message to the employees who frequent the stalls often. Several have stated how the work bathrooms are a sort of sanctuary of privacy that they might not receive anywhere else in the building. When it feels unkempt and dirty, the employees do not feel comfortable in the work place. In a survey in 2016, 1 in 10 employees avoided the restrooms altogether throughout the day. Another study showed that employees are 12 times more productive if they feel happy and valued. Two years ago a survey showed that 89% of Americans believed that the condition of the work place restroom directly reflected on how the company viewed its' team.


The state of our community and the businesses within are super important to us at Menold. If you are in need of an updated restroom for your crew, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! You might even see a shocking increase in employee productivity, and overall business health, by just giving your restrooms a little love. We are here to help!



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