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May 22nd, 2020
Posted by Tami Leman

Many meat processing plants are closed all over our nation, and that leaves livestock farmers in a very hard place. They have been on our hearts recently as we have heard of several farmers in our community in a bad spot, and so we reached out to help.


​Just in time for Memorial Day cookouts, Menold purchased a lot of meat from local farms in Gridley, IL - Ringger Farms, Inc. and Hightower Farms, and then we worked with a local processing plant, Bittner's Meat Locker, to purchase, process, and distribute the meat to every one of our team members. Morton's freezer, Bloomington's freezer, and Champaign's freezer are all stocked with new meat, and our team is thrilled! Hamburgers, sausage, bacon, steaks, pork chops and ham are all on the menu for Memorial Day, and our team has more than enough meat to last us for weeks.



We want to say a huge thank you to Tom Menold and our CEO, Jeff Neihouser for being so generous, not only to their employees and team, but also to the local community. It is more important now than ever to be thinking of our community and any way we can help out our local businesses. These local farmers would love to supply meat to more than just the Menold team's freezers, so be sure to reach out and support them if your freezers are getting empty. You can contact us as well if you would like more information! 


We want wish all of you a Happy Memorial Day, and to thank and remember those who have died protecting our freedom, both today and in all of the years gone by. May we never take for granted what they died to protect, and may we do our part to ensure that freedom continues in the United States of America.



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