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June 18th, 2020
Posted by Tami Leman

Menold is constantly looking for ways to improve every aspect of our company. We do this through many different paths – employee recognition programs, training and monthly meetings, team and family bonding activities, and many others, but we also play "The Great Game of Business" (GGOB), which has a huge impact on our culture here at Menold.

GGOB is a way of functioning and growing as a company - it includes techniques like business transparency, open-book management, financial literacy, forecasting, workplace huddles, mini-games and other aspects which give our employees "skin in the game".


Mini-games are played continuously throughout the year. They are team-bonding games that help drive short-term performance metrics to contribute to a year-end revenue goal. Our mini-games have several different purposes, such as building teamwork, strengthening a culture in Menold for success, reinforcing business education, and bringing about great financial changes in our company. For example, in the past our team has played mini-games to improve our driving habits, save overhead, take great photos on the job-site, improve our safety habits, increase our leads, and many more!


Along with a mini-game always comes prizes. These vary from car wash tokens to a Menold logoed jacket, packages of toilet paper to paid time off if you're very, very good at the game. When the prize supports local businesses in our community, as well as strengthening our team and work ethic, it's a win-win.


One of our current mini-games features prizes from the Great American Popcorn Company in Morton! Our team loves the large assortment of popcorn flavors – from Cinnamon Toast to Buffalo Wing, they are all money well-spent. We appreciate the small-town feel this shop brings to our community. The prizes increase the competition, which in turn increased our goal of the mini-games.



We constantly strive to continue learning and improving as a company, as we firmly believe this is the only way to best serve our community and customers. Supporting other businesses is another way to best serve our community, and when we can tie these two together, we definitely have a winner!



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