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September 21st, 2020
Posted by Tami Leman

Otherwise known as "The Trash Can 'WOW' Factor." Sounds a bit ironic, right? For Tom, one of our awesome clients, it makes perfect sense - and better yet, he loves to tell it. 



At Menold, we are taught the Golden Rule often - to treat others how we would like to be treated. Often times, this simply means to think outside the box. Our days are busy, helping those in the community and running from job to job. Still, it means so much to our clients when we take the time to place ourselves in their shoes.

 That's where Tom's story comes in! Tom and his family had left for a Florida vacation for two weeks to visit his granddaughters, and after a relaxing time away, he returned home to find his basement toilet had overflowed. The sewage had been backed-up, and it was a mess. Tom originally called another company to help him, and never received a reply. On the golf course the following day, a friend recommended Menold. Two of our team members, Kyle and Lyndle, headed out to help. Tom was impressed with how professional, hard-working, and thoughtful they were - they jumped in right away to get the problem stabilized and to remove the affected carpet. 


After this part of the process was complete, Angie took over the job to get the basement cleaned up. Tom was impressed with Angie's communication the entire time - she called him every day with an update on the situation. On her last day, Angie called him at work to inform him that his basement was dry, the drying equipment had been pulled, and a repair PM would be in touch to start the repairs necessary. 


So you may be wondering - where does a trash can come into play? Well, this is Tom's favorite part of the story. It happened to be Tom's garbage pick-up day on Angie's last day. When he got home after work, he found that his 3 trash cans had been taken off the street and back up to his garage. Tom called Angie to thank her for this deed, and was so impressed that in today's fast-paced world, that she had taken the time to do such a kind deed. Tom calls it the 'WOW' factor, and his appreciation spilled over into his own work place - where he has shared the story with his team on excellent customer service.


We are so honored at Menold to have outstanding employees like Angie - who go above and beyond for her community. We all could do a bit better at the 'Wow' factor, and take the time to slow down and help those around us. Thanks Tom for the honor of meeting you, working with you, and getting to know another kind face in our community! And thanks Angie, for taking the time to place yourself in other's shoes. 


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