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May 11th, 2021
A Survey to Share
Posted by Jenna Martin



We work with a third party company, GuildQuality, who surveys every customer who had a repair project completed which was over $2,000. These surveys directly impact the team who completed the work, and allow us to make changes and improvements to better the customer's experience. All surveys are available to our potential customers, so they may make an informed decision when choosing a contractor. We are happy to share this survey completed by Susan and Gaye from Gridley, IL!



Are You Likely To Recommend Menold?   

  Strongly agree - I would recommend that anyone who is in need of mold remediation in their home or place of business consider calling Todd. He is a class act, is knowledgeable and fastidious, and truly cares about the work he is doing. His crew is second to none. Their work is of the highest quality. I am truly in awe of the work they did.


I Am Happy With The Scheduling Process

  Strongly agree - This job stayed on the agreed upon schedule better than any project I've ever hired done. I always knew that when Todd said they would be there on a particular day, they really would be there.


I Am Happy With The Construction Quality

  Strongly agree - I cannot stress enough my satisfaction with the workmanship of this project. My sister and I co-own this home, and she has severe--almost debilitating--sensitivities to mold, chemicals, and drywall dust. Before embarking on the project, we had to make sure the crew would complete each task with care, so as not to potentially expose her to reactive substances. For instance, because of her drywall dust sensitivities, the drywall work had to be done under strict containment, and the drywall had to be carefully cut so as not to create any dust. Cody and Nate worked tirelessly to complete the work in the safest way possible for my sister. I know they had to go well above and beyond what would normally be expected in this kind of job. Most impressively, they did extra research on drywall, chemical, and mold sensitivities, and even consulted the mold biologist with which my sister works on a regular basis.


Communication Was Satisfactory

  Strongly agree - The communication was SO impressive! Since both of us live out of state full time, this was crucial. We received detailed updates complete with photos on a daily basis. It was not unusual for the entire crew to be included in the discussion, and they ALWAYS made themselves available to answer our questions. I know that due to our requirements, our job was more time-consuming for Todd and his crew. They never seemed to mind us bothering them with a question or for clarification, whether it was during business hours or not. This level of customer service is rare!


The Professional Subcontractors Did A Great Job

  Strongly agree - The entire crew was so professional, kind, caring, and compassionate. In order for us to be able to keep this home in our possession as a family vacation/holiday destination, it was imperative that the job be done right with the healthiest air possible for my sister. While some would probably consider us to be "high maintenance," never at any time did they make us feel as if we were asking for too much. They showed empathy for our situation and took great pride in the work they did.


The Billing Process Was Simple

  Strongly agree - Very straightforward.


Any Additional Comments?

Unfortunately, this is not our first remediation project, but it was our first project with this particular project manager and crew. We cannot say enough positive things about our experience with them from start to finish. I have had many, many home improvement renovations and improvements done (besides our multiple remediation projects), and never before have I worked with a project manager and crew that took such great care with their work, that communicated so promptly and thoroughly, that were so understanding, that strove to do the very best job they possibly could, took such pride in their work, and did so with such attention to detail. As I said earlier, I am truly in awe.

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