Disasters are an unfortunate part of our world, and they happen more frequently than we’d like to admit. You can feel more comfortable knowing you’re a phone call away from professional, uniformed, certified restoration personnel.

That’s why we designed the Menold Emergency Response Program (MERP). The MERP is a program offered to qualified commercial clients who seek professional partnership and a desire for their facilities to be restored as expertly and efficiently as possible as soon as damage occurs. A partnership with us is a promise to restore your facilities as expertly and efficiently as possible as soon as damage occurs.

The MERP also breaks down the cost for the most commonly used items in emergencies, helping to eliminate surprises in invoicing. Plus, we understand that communication is critical, so we’ll provide progress updates at every turn during our emergency response. We believe this is the most cost-effective way to save you money when an emergency response is required.

It’s not just your business and reputation at stake, it’s also ours. The entire Menold Construction and Restoration team will work passionately to protect both.

Contact us for more details about our MERP agreement.