We Provide Quality Manpower and Materials

Employees - We employ all of the trades necessary to complete your project, with both direct employees and carefully selected Trade Partners. All of our employees are skilled and trained to take care of our customers in the Menold way.

Lead Man System - Communication is essential to a successful remodeling or restoration project. You will be assigned a dedicated Lead Carpenter who will build and run your project. They will keep you informed daily on the day-to-day activities, upcoming decisions you will need to make, meetings you will need to attend, days that work will not be done, and if there is going to be a delay.

Material Selections - There are often a wide array of products to select for your project (cabinets, counter tops, flooring, etc.). Our Morton facility includes a large showroom where, if you like, all of your products can be selected in one location, saving a great deal of time. Your Project Manager and our Showroom Designers will help you make decisions about colors, styles, and what products best suit your budget.

Schedules - Dependent upon the size of your project you will get a copy of the job schedule, which includes a start date and a completion date. Your Lead Carpenter uses the schedule as a benchmark to run your project. They are responsible for keeping your project moving and on schedule.


Your Home Matters to Menold Construction and Restoration

Dust Control and Floor Protection - We seal off the construction area with plastic and/or temporary walls, and often use air scrubbers and negative air flow to greatly reduce or eliminate the migration of dust into your unaffected areas. All floors are protected with tarps and/or floor runners.

Cleanliness - Your job site will be kept clean and orderly. At the end of the day we will do general sweeping and clean up.

Smoking - No smoking is permitted in your home by our employees or trade partners. Any smoking will be done outside. All cigarette butts will be put in the garbage, not on the ground.


Quality Work, Measured, Monitored, & Guaranteed!

Punch List - Near the end of your project, you will be asked by your Lead Carpenter to fill out a "Punch List." Any details that do not meet your expectations or you find are not fully complete will be addressed and/or corrected.

Certificate of Completion - Before we final bill your project, you will be asked to sign a "Certificate of Completion." This tells us that you believe we have completed your project according to our agreement and the project meets your satisfaction. Thereafter, should you discover an additional item or items that need our attention, please let us know immediately, and we will complete the work under the terms of our five year warranty below. 

GuildQuality - At Menold, we believe good customer service is the most important thing we have to sell. Therefore, every project we complete that is greater than $2,000 in size is submitted to GuildQuality to have a customer satisfaction survey completed. We use the survey results to continually refine our process to ensure the customer is always getting the best value and experience we can provide. We continually enjoy receiving the many GuildQuality responses form our satisfied customers, and these are important as we constantly monitor the quality of our service. Special emphasis is place upon the responses from customers who do not feel our service lived up to their expectations or have suggestions as to how we can improve service to our customers.  Click here to view our GuildQuality report.

Warranty - At Menold Construction and Restoration, we stand behind our work. After we receive your "Certificate of Completion" and our invoices to you have been paid in full, your project will be covered by our five-year warranty on all workmanship. Normal property maintenance items are the responsibility of the property owner and are not covered by warranty. In addition, Menold Construction and Restoration warrants to the owner that materials and equipment furnished under the contract will be of good quality and new unless otherwise required or permitted by the contract documents. Materials and equipment will carry the explicit warranty of their corresponding manufacturers. This warranty is non-transferable. Click here to view the warranty document.