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Fire Damage Restoration in Peoria, IL

Fire Damage Restoration in Peoria, IL

A fire can be a devastating event in your life. You could lose your home, business, or something even more valuable—home fires kill an average of seven people every day in the United States. They also cause billions of dollars in property damage annually, according to the American Red Cross. Menold Construction and Restoration is your fire damage restoration specialist in Peoria, IL, and our experts can help you get your residence or commercial property back in order. There are things you should be aware of, however, in order to lessen your chances of ever needing fire damage restoration services.


Be Careful While Cooking

Cooking equipment is the top cause of home fire related injuries. Forty percent of home fires start in the kitchen, and they are not uncommon on commercial properties, as evidenced by this restaurant fire in East Peoria. Many kitchen fires ignite due to an improperly cleaned oven. Unattended cooking is to blame in many other cases.


Candle Dangers

The National Fire Protection Association notes that twenty nine home candle fires are reported every day in the U.S. Sixty percent of these fires start because a lit candle was placed too close to flammable materials. Make sure to extinguish any lit candles before you go to bed. Falling asleep was a factor in one in ten of all candle-ignited home fires.


Don't Smoke in Your Bed

This is wise advice, considering that sleep was a factor in a third of all home smoking-related fire fatalities. Alcohol impairment contributed to approximately twenty percent of smoking-related fires. Be careful while smoking; it could also be costly to those around you. Nearly a quarter of all victims in these types of fires were not the smokers whose cigarettes caused the fire.


Make Sure Your Smoke Alarm Works

Take time to regularly check your smoke alarms. It could save your life. Working alarms decrease, by half, your chance of dying in a home fire. Most fatal fires occurred in homes without working alarms. The National Fire Protection Association recommends installing ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms, or an alarm that is a combination of the two.


Menold Construction and Restoration is located in Morton, Normal, and Champaign, Illinois, and has been servicing Central Illinois for more than 35 years.

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