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Acting Fast with Water Damage.

Whether we are running the dishwasher, taking a shower, doing a load of laundry, or a hundred other daily needs, we all take running water for granted. It's a big part of our daily lives, and also one that can destroy our lives in a matter of minutes. At Menold, we have seen and dealt with many homes with water damage, and it's an emergen...
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Ice Dams on the Roof.

There are some things you can always count on. The flowers will always bloom in the spring, and the leaves will always drop from trees in the fall. And for us at Menold, we can always expect to get calls in the icy, winter months with reports of a suspected roof leak. After some initial conversation with the customer, we can usually diagnose an ice...
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Winter is Fire Season.

At Menold, we have a love/hate relationship with Winter. There is nothing like enjoying the coziness of a warm cup of hot chocolate as by our fireplaces as snow falls outside. However, some of the things that we love most about the colder months are also the things that can be the most threatening to our homes and families if treated...
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Pet Safety During Construction

At Menold, we know how much joy and love pets can bring! So many of us on the team have beloved pets of our own, who are basically family. For this reason, we see the safety of your pets during a construction or restoration project as extremely important, along with the safety of our employees and each member of your family. We put together so...
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An Anniversary to Remember.

​November 17th marks the 7th anniversary of the Washington tornado - a day many of us in Central Illinois will never forget, nor should we. For Menold, it was a time like no other - a time where all hands were on deck to help our community in need. Two of the our Lead Technicians who were heavily involved with the tornado clean up were Rachel ...
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Advantages of Professional Disinfection.

We are living in some of the most interesting of times, aren't we? This year has brought many changes and challenges to our world and community, and we have definitely felt it as a company. Emergencies don't stop because of a virus, so we have stayed busy responding to fires, flooding, mold and everything in between. As one could expect, we've also...
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Red Cross' Home Fire Campaign

Happy National Fire Prevention Week! A house fire can be one of the most traumatizing events a person can experience, and we have many stories to tell. We believe at Menold that any steps to build awareness and lessons to learn to prevent fires, is super important. We are huge advocates of the Red Cross and the continuous effort they...
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A Not-So-Garbage Story.

Otherwise known as "The Trash Can 'WOW' Factor." Sounds a bit ironic, right? For Tom, one of our awesome clients, it makes perfect sense - and better yet, he loves to tell it. At Menold, we are taught the Golden Rule often - to treat others how we would like to be treated. Often times, this simply means to think outside the box. Our days are busy, ...
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Best Interest for Insurance.

When facing any crisis with your home or business, the thought always comes to mind: "will my insurance cover this?" Sometimes a call is placed into the insurance company before a customer calls us, or if they know this is covered, they contact us to respond with emergency service right away – it's a toss-up. Either way, we are here to provide quic...
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Be in the Know About Sewage Backup.

Sewage backup is not a very fun topic and is generally avoided because let's be honest...we never want it to happen to us. If we never talk about it, we will never have to deal with it...right?! As homeowners, the idea of dealing with water damage, especially from your sewer, can seem like a nightmare. At Menold, we make it our aim to help keep our...
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On-Call for OSF

The call came through early evening on Thursday, July 2, just days before Independence Day. Jeff Cole, Menold's Estimator, was on call that night and answered the phone. An exterior fire had broken out in the rear building envelope of the OSF HealthCare Cardiovascular Institute in Peoria, sending smoke quickly through all areas of the structure. No...
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National Pet Fire Safety Day!

July 15th happens to be National Pet Fire Safety Day! You may be asking, What?! There's a Pet Fire Safety Day?! We were shocked too, but we LOVE it. What a great way to inform ourselves on the safety of our pets. Many of us at Menold own dogs, cats, and other pets, and we love each one. It is super important to learn about certain dangers...
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Menold Minigames.

Menold is constantly looking for ways to improve every aspect of our company. We do this through many different paths – employee recognition programs, training and monthly meetings, team and family bonding activities, and many others, but we also play "The Great Game of Business" (GGOB), which has a huge impact on our culture here at Menold. GGOB i...
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Our Meaning of Father's Day.

Here at Menold we have many men and women who make up our team, who all work hard together to help our community, show love to those hurting, and respond to emergency calls every day.  We need each one, and are so thankful that we have been gifted with some amazing talents and personalities! We realize that each of their roles a...
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Meat for Memorial Day

Many meat processing plants are closed all over our nation, and that leaves livestock farmers in a very hard place. They have been on our hearts recently as we have heard of several farmers in our community in a bad spot, and so we reached out to help. ​Just in time for Memorial Day cookouts, Menold purchased a lot of meat from local farm...
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An Interesting Impact

​Did you know that clean bathrooms can actually DRIVE UP BUSINESS SALES?  Menold has completed thousands of projects throughout the years, from restoring endless flooded basements to beautiful high-end commercial remodels. Along the way, we have found a certain satisfaction that comes from a crisp and clean bathroom remodel...
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A 1894 Restoration.

The El Paso fire department received a late-night call last November from Giovanni's Pizzeria & Brothers Sports Bar. A kitchen fire broke out after everyone had left for the night, and smoke traveled through the walls to the buildings beyond. Next door, Burster Inn Banquet Center suffered damage as smoke traveled through all 3 levels - the...
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Our Safety Standard.

We can be the best in the business in water restoration, carpentry, etc., but without our safety practices, we would be an accident waiting to happen!  We believe safety is one of the key elements that separates the good from the best. At Menold we believe this is reflected in the way we continue to provide education to our team...
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5 Questions Almost All Water Damage Customers Ask Us.

Hiring a professional company can make you nervous, especially in an emergency situation – we get it. We've seen a lot in 43 years, and worked with lots of different individuals, families, and their homes in our community. While water damage happens more than we like, we often receive many questions from our customers, and we would love to help wit...
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Meet Molly - the Menold Mascot.

​We have the newest member of our team to introduce to you: none other than Molly the bear. For years now we have connected teddy bears to Menold in our water restoration campaign, but now, the bear has a name. You will see her often - in our social media posts, around town, and in our offices. Who know, she may even go out on some jobs with the te...
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Remodeling for...Pizza?

​It's not every day that we can describe our job as "delicious", but working on a remodel for Godfather's Pizza might have been the first. Godfather's in Pekin has been open since 1975 and it is definitely a town favorite. The owners, Mike and John, are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, and the pizza is amazing as we...
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New Marketing Space at ATS.

Some of you may remember the following photo, taken last year in the Summer! We were able to work alongside these fantastic people at ATS to remodel and update their employee area, and provide their employees with an amazing place to work. Guess what? We went back!  Last year we worked with them for a period of about four months, and this time...
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A Bathroom Remodel

The Cursillo-Tec Center in Peoria, Illinois was in need of an updated bathroom. The bathrooms were outdated and were starting to fail mechanically. We received a call to help them out and Patrick Coyle led the job. Our team got to work with the biggest challenge being the timeline - we had twelve working days...
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Our Fantastic Team.

Every company, franchise, hospital, restaurant, etc. can only be as great as the team that is working to make it possible. Our team is no exception! We are so thankful to look back over the years at how our crew has grown and every member that works with us today. If you know any of them personally, you know what we are talking about...
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Menold Gives Back

 ​A couple weeks ago our Morton Superintendents were reminiscing on the "good ole days", when they would all work on the same job and have a blast together. The conversation quickly grew into an idea, and soon an opportunity presented itself: #GivingTuesday. Why not have fun and give back at the same time? ​Word came to us of a home in Washing...
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How to Respond After a Home Disaster

 ​It's devastating when your home is damaged due to water, fire, or mold. Dealing with the aftermath of a disaster is an extensive process, involving everything from cleanup to making the insurance claim. That's why we've compiled a list of steps to give you a game plan and hopefully to make your life a little easier:1. Respond to Emergencies ...
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6 Ways to Prevent Vandalism

 Last year, there were 7.2 million reported cases of property crime in the U.S. including theft and unlawful destruction of property. Vandalism does more than just cause damage; it steals your peace of mind. Repairing damaged property requires a lot of time and effort and can take a heavy toll on your finances. Some examples of vandalism inclu...
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A Peek into the Past

 Today we are stepping back in time with Tom Menold. Menold Construction & Restoration has grown so much, and it's amazing to look back to the first days of the business! Tom graduated from Morton High School in 1966 and immediately started a bricklayer apprenticeship with Otto Baum & Sons. The Vietnam War was underway, and Tom was dra...
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Supporting our Veterans

 With this past Monday being Veteran's Day, our United States Veterans have been on our hearts more often as of late. We can not quite put into words how thankful we are for each and every Veteran who risked their lives so that we may have the freedom we do, today. On October 19th, Dozer Stadium in Peoria hosted Goodwill of Central IL for thei...
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A Menold-filled Day

 A week and a half ago, our team blocked off Thursday - the entire day - and spent it in one of the best ways we could think of: together. We all traveled to our main headquarters in Morton, and there we spent time growing together, learning together, and celebrating, together. All-Company Meeting  We began the day with a company meeting ...
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Are Leaking Appliances Damaging Your Home?

The appliances you use every day can also be a source of unwanted water in your home. Leaking appliances can cause serious damage, no matter if it's a slow drip or a steady stream. Undetected leaks can ruin flooring, cause mold growth, seep into the rooms below, and eventually compromise your home's structural integrity. Here are a few appliances t...
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Menold's Model A Ford

This vintage vehicle was last seen driving in Morton's Pumpkin Festival Parade, about two weeks ago. Before that, you may have seen it parked out front of the Morton office building. A piece from the past, this delivery truck has quickly become an icon of Menold, and we love seeing it out and about in our community!  Tom and Sheryl drove our 1...
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The 4 Most Common Causes of Home Fires

Home fires can occur at any time and, no matter the amount of damage, are always devastating for the property owner. According to the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 355,400 U.S. home fires are reported each year. Understanding the most common causes can help you take the necessary steps to prevent them from wreaking havoc in yo...
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WEEK Television Station

​Hey Central Illinois, when you watched the news recently, did you happen to notice the television station was going through a remodel? Probably not, right? Well for about the last year, our team has been working with WEEK to completely remodel their entire building. Now this was a fun, challenging project. The entire project was a series of 3 remo...
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Advanced Technology Services, Inc.

We are a part of a wonderful community with so many awesome businesses that we have the privilege of working with, and ATS in Peoria is no exception. Over the last four months, Menold had the honor of working on a large remodeling project for them, and we left with not only satisfied customers, but friends. We are thrilled with the final proje...
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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Mold Growth

A mold infestation within your home can not only cause damage your property, it can also hurt your health. It's critical for homeowners to understand the dangers of mold, how to prevent mold growth, and when it may be time to ask for extra help.1. Mold can grow on virtually any substance if moisture is present. This can include wood, paper, carpet,...
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A Home of Heritage in Peoria.

For Nancy, this gorgeous New England Colonial style house has been "home" her entire life.  In fact, her parents had it built in 1915, and her family moved in - her parents and a sister. Nancy was born soon after. The piece of land was rumored to have been owned by Laura Bradley, and the place where this house was buil...
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Backyard Olympics 2019

Back in 2008, Tom Menold developed a tradition - the annual Summer Olympics for all employees of Menolds. Each year the event begins with an all-company meeting filled with guest speakers, industry outlooks, company updates, and goals that are set. Once this is accomplished, the real fun begins. Team members break out into teams that...
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4 Signs It's Time For a Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom should be one of the most comfortable and inviting places in your home. However, bathroom design mistakes can be seen in many houses. How does yours look? Is the layout inconvenient? Is the style outdated? If you get nervous every time one of your guests asks to use your restroom, you might want to consider a home bathroom remodel. 1....
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Crawford Contractor Connection Convention

Say that five times fast.  Two weeks ago, five members of our Menold team were privileged to attend the Crawford Contractor Connection Convention in Dallas, Texas. The Convention was held at the Gaylord Texan - a large hotel with many replicas of the state of Texas inside the dome, and a large conference area as well. Our C...
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Protecting Your Documents Before a Disaster

We've seen firsthand the physical and emotional devastation that follows a natural disaster. That's how we know it's critical to develop a disaster preparedness plan for your home or business so you can be as prepared as possible. Although we can never be completely ready when disaster strikes, having a plan can significantly help throughout the re...
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Trade Partner Cookout

Simply to say thanks for all they do.   Last week we hosted our Trade Partner Cookout in Mahomet, Illinois for the first time. In the past, we hosted these events in Peoria, about every two years. We had many subcontractors attend from all different backgrounds and specialties - framing, painting, flooring, mechanics, etc. Many ...
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Spring Flooding.

Last week, Central Illinois region received around 3 inches of rainfall, more in some areas...and this week we are due for more. Thankfully we had some nice, rain-free days over the weekend, but there is another round of rain coming. With the rainfall, the ground becomes over-saturated. And with over-saturated ground, comes flooded basements.&...
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Disaster Preparedness Guide for Small Business Owners

Protecting yourself today means you're better prepared for tomorrow. It's critical for small business owners to implement a disaster preparedness plan to help in the case of a natural disaster such as a flood, tornado, or fire. Consider the following tips to ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and property: 1. Purchase the Right Insuran...
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The American Red Cross "Evening of Stars".

The American Red Cross Evening of Stars Event took place last Thursday, April 18th, at the Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Bloomington- Normal, and it was a wonderful evening for all of us! This was the 26th annual Evening of the Stars, and we at Menold's are passionate for the cause. This event is the American Red Cross's largest local f...
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Grilling Season Has Arrived.

Here at Menold's, we are hopeful spring is here to stay after this last weekend - or at least we are staying very optimistic! The Morton branch celebrated by kicking off grilling season with burgers and brats. For those of us that were working the phones at our desks, (we provide 24/7 phone service - you will never talk to a recording!), our Wareho...
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The Top 3 Areas for Residential Flooding

Flooding is more than just an inconvenience; it can cause serious damage to your home and even your health if water damage is not properly controlled. While it can be difficult to predict, you can still take steps to educate yourself on where water damage is likely to start, leaving you better prepared to handle the aftermath. 1. Bathrooms The bath...
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Preparing Your Property for Spring Storms

Ready or not, spring is upon us! Although we're all looking forward to green grass and warmer temperatures, spring also brings many natural disasters such as powerful winds, flooding, and tornadoes that can cause severe property damage. Don't be an unprepared property owner! There's not a lot you can do to battle Mother Nature, but there are a few ...
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Central Illinois Winter Weather Cramps Homeowners’ Style

Welcome to Central Illinois in January. Why did we decide to live here again? For the next week, here's what we can expect: Peoria-Morton Area Weather Bloomington-Normal Area Weather Champaign-Urbana-Mahomet Area Weather With temperatures like these, homeowners in these areas should take the necessary steps to prepare. Many different forms of prope...
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The Top 5 Remodeling Design Trends of 2019

​It's that time of year again when we strive to better ourselves and focus on making the best of a fresh start. Interested in adding a kitchen or bathroom remodel to your list of resolutions? Here's what designers are saying will be the top design trends of 2019! 1. Bold Backsplashes The backsplash has been a significant part of kitchen models for ...
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