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Sump Pump Backup Floods a Morton Home

A heavy rain in Central Illinois over the weekend brought "a flood" of emergency phone calls all day Saturday and Sunday. One message we received was from Mark and Kim in Morton, IL. 


The messaged dispatched through was, "Their sump pump didn't kick on. They have a serious flood in the basement." Along with calling our emergency line, Mark reached out to his insurance agent, Mike Kuhl, at Kuhl Insurance. Eager to get the damage attended to right away, Mike called Menold Business Development Manager and long-time friend, Steve Driscoll. Steve and Mike agreed to head to Mark's house to get a head start on the game plan and emergency work.



This was an especially difficult time for the homeowners. Kim's mother was upstairs and in poor health - they had her to worry about, not the flooded basement. As Mark says, "Menold took care of everything. Within 15 minutes, I had several Menold employees here, my insurance agent was here, and they all got to work. It was a sign of relief. I can always count on them." 


The damage was caught extremely quickly, Mark called us right away, and we were able to dispatch that much faster - all of which benefited the homeowners immensely. Not only did they get their home back quickly, but we were able to save and restore expensive building materials like carpet and drywall through our drying efforts.


A few months later, the homeowners suffered more water damage - this time, at their business. Guess who they called? Menold!


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