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Fire & Smoke
WE're here for you.


Experiencing a fire at your home or business is truly traumatic. Your home is your safe place. Your belongings are your comfort. Your memories there are endless - we understand. 


Emergency Response

Whether it was a microwave mishap that left the kitchen smelling like fumes, or a fully engulfed home, Menold knows this is a disruption to your life, and we respond immediately.


Board Ups/Tarping

Following the fire, your property needs to be boarded or tarped as soon as possible to protect the remaining structure of your home, prevent enviromental damage, and keep burglars or animals from entering.


Water Extraction/Dryout

Fires leave behind more than just smoke and soot. It's not uncommon for us to extract hundreds or thousands of gallons of water the Fire Department leaves behind. We further the drying efforts by placing commercial air movers and other equipment to expediate the process.



An overlooked thought when you suffer a fire is what's inside: your furniture, clothes, appliances and keepsakes. As we complete sturctural cleaning and repairs on your property, our Contents Specialists are behind the scenes restoring your things to pre-loss conditions. 


Structural Repairs and Cleaning

A small grease fire in the kitchen may require a simple cleaning and deodorization process, whereas a significant basement fire can leave the home needing a new roof, floors, and everything in between. All fire losses require a specific, calculated approach. 



Menold captures an immersive 3D digital twin of your loss using our specialized cameras. We share the renderings with you, your insurance company, and our inside team of Estimators.




  • Do not enter the property until the fire department deems it safe. Following a fire, ceilings, floors, and staircases become extremely dangerous.
  • Call your insurance agent and Menold at 877-636-6537.
  • Call your utility providers and let them know about the fire. Your utilities may need to be shut off temporarily.
  • Work with the fire department to finalize their reports and make sure you get a copy.


For additional information, check out FEMA’s After the Fire guidebook.



We'll be with you until the entire restoration process is complete, keeping you informed every inch of the way. You may be a fire restoration specialist in your own right once the project is complete.


Proudly serving Peoria, Bloomington-Normal, Champaign-Urbana, and surrounding areas! 



Call Menold

A Project Manager
contacts you within 15
minutes of receiving
the loss notification of
your emergency.

Emergency Response

Our crews dispatch
almost immediately to
prevent further damage
from the elements with
a board up or set up
equipment and start the
restoration process.

Contents Restoration

If your contents can
be recovered, our
crews will carefully
pack out, clean,
deodorize, dry and
store your belongings
while we complete
work to your property.

Scope of Work

We collaborate
directly with your
insurance and
develop a detailed
scope for repairs.


Depending on the size
of the job, the insurance
approval process can
take days or even weeks.
Once approved, you
are assigned a Menold
Superintendent who
becomes your main point
of contact.

Construction Begins

Removal of the
affected areas take
place, followed by
odor protection
and sanitizing the
salvagable building

Material Selection

Throughout the rebuild,
your Superintendent
works with you to
choose everything
such as paint colors,
appliances, flooring and
everything in between.

Final Walk Through

We walk the property
together to ensure
your complete
satisfaction. A
Certificate of
Completion (COC) is
signed, saying you are
happy with our work.

Final Invoicing

Your 5-year warranty
is started, and final
payment is invoiced
to you and your
insurance company.

Project Survey

You will receive a call
or email from Guild
Quality asking you to
complete a short survey
about your experience
with us. Our future
success depends on
your complete honesty.

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Fire Damage
Fire Damage
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