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Property / Contents

When disaster happens to your home or business, we provide an immediate response to help minimize the amount of damage and get you back to normal as quickly as possible. We do the same for your belongings, and know the toll it takes on you to be without them.

We provide high-quality contents restoration which reduces the cost of replacing your items and also saves your sentimental items which truly are irreplaceable.

How We
Do It
Pack Out

Our Restoration Team arrives on site to carefully package your belongings into boxes. We use bubble wrap, packing paper and inventory each box, so you can rest assured knowing your items are safe during travel. We transport everything to locked vaults in our Morton warehouse, which is climate controlled and monitored by security cameras 24 hours a day.

Contents Restoration

We use specialized products, techniques and equipment to restore your items to pre-loss conditions. There are some items, such as expensive artwork, leathers, documents and textiles which may need to be sent to a partner company for cleaning. Otherwise, each and every item is cleaned and detailed by hand using industrial strength, yet safe and reliable products. We utilize equipment such as ultrasonics and electronic cleaning chambers to sufficiently clean damaged items.

Ozone Room

Your belongings are then secured in one of our ozone rooms while we monitor the ozone levels until it reaches a saturation point. This process of oxidation neutralizes all odors permantly, ensuring you never smell smoke, mold or the musty scent of water again.

Drying Chamber

We reduce the airspace, increase temperature and add airflow in the drying chamber to accelerate evaporation, allowing us to dry contents faster and more efficiently.

Back to the Vault

Once your items are cleaned, dried and deodorized, they are catalogued and re-packaged in clean, new boxes while your property is restored.

Pack In

Once the restoration and repairs on your preoperty is complete, we coordinate a date then deliver your belongings back to you, "good as new".

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