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Every project Menold completes begins and ends with a member of our team. That’s why we only hire the best, and we move forward as a company by investing in our employees every day.


The projects we take on are never the same, and sometimes involve a delicate or difficult situation. We excel when it comes to customer service and strive to be the leader in our industry, so we are always searching compassionate, forward-thinking people to add to our incredible team. 

Celebrate Success

Appreciation is no joke here at Menold. We see you…and we appreciate you!

One Team

Serve, grow and challenge as a team. Celebrate and enjoy frequent company and family events.

Grow & Learn

Build a career you can be proud of. Experience exceptional training and continuing education opportunities.

Heart to Serve

Bring your compassionate side to life. We help customers and the community in more ways than one.

Engage with Integrity

Honesty and respect is our game. We use good judgement and have sound moral and ethical principles.


Menold cares about its employees. From training to bonuses to perks to how they treat us, it’s the kind of company you hope for but almost never get when applying for a job. I’ve made great friends and learned more than I expected all while working at a great company that actually cares about its employees.

Andrew T

I am blessed to work for Menold. Truly. They have sent my wife flowers twice when I was working very long hours and traveled for CAT work. They not only value me, but they make my family feel valued, and that to me is more important than anything.

Aaron H

I've been in the construction business for a long time. From the outside, I always looked at Menold as the standard of the best in the industry in these parts. When I started working for Menold, I was not disappointed. The whole package of employment benefits is second to none. From income, to insurance benefits, to the Menold Culture, this is a great company to work for!!

Greg H

One of the greatest aspects of our staff is that everyone is willing to help no matter the situation. We have the best support staff which is a direct reflection of how amazing our company culture is.

Dan B

What is the Menold Way? When I first started, it was all I heard. Well, now I know the Menold Way is integrity, work ethic, going above and beyond the minimum. We are a true work family.

Nathan H

Believe it or not, I used to not really like working. At Menold, I actually enjoy coming to work. My co-workers are great, and I enjoy making a difference.

Jeff C

Menold cares not only for your career, but about you as an individual and your family. We are one team, one family, here at Menold.

Crystal H

When you work at Menold, you’re not just bringing restoration to homes and businesses, you’re bringing restoration to people’s lives. This is a career where you make a difference everyday, and with Menold’s stellar management and incredible employees, they make you feel like you matter within the company.

Zach W

Menold cares about its employees. As a manager I am given the resources to truly take care of our employees, their families, and our customers. At the end of the day it feels good to work at Menold.

Jason K

I love to be around people - helping, serving, having fun. Our culture is everything I could want it to be and more. Menold has given me the opportunity to be me - to put my heart into everything I do - to turn it all the way up and enjoy every day at work.

Jenna M

I’ve been a part of Menold for over 17 years. It’s a great place to work, and I truly enjoy my job. I especially like knowing that I work for a company that helps make people’s lives better after an unplanned disaster or a scheduled remodel.

Peggie S

The work we do for our customers can be challenging and difficult, and many times on one of their worst days of their life. Our team is amazing at delivering kindness and encouragement while at the same time doing exceptional work. I love to see the special way our employees work together to help each other and to help our customers. From fire, water, or mold damage to a special remodel project, the talent and character of our team shines no matter what the project or the time of day they are called on. Seeing the character and gifts of our employees on display every day is so rewarding and makes being a part of this team a daily blessing for me. It feels like much more than just a place to work…we are like family and we do our work and life together.

Jeff N

Menold has become a second home for me. We are a family. I have never worked for such a caring company – not just towards their customers, but employees as well. They really value you here and make you feel like you really make an impact at what you do. When I say I love my job, I genuinely mean it!

Rachel B

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New Hire Experience

Comradery, Trust, and Teamwork
Our Core Values
Open, Honest Communication

Share your concerns and ideas, listen to others and give authentic feedback.

Exceed Expectations

Aim higher and be consistent with your work ethic.


Behave honorably, even when no one is watching.

Positive Attitude

Be a source of strength, energy, motivation and initiative.

Mutual Respect

Help build the foundation of genuine harmony.

Teamwork/Working Together

Find unity, multiply success and empower each other.

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