Managing a business comes with countless responsibilities, and when property damage occurs, it only magnifies the stress. When you’re focused on maintaining your store, you don’t have time to worry about damage from floods, fires, storms, or vandalism. At Menold Construction & Restoration, we understand that business downtime can be more devastating than the disaster itself. You need your business back up and running as soon as possible to ensure customer retention and satisfaction.

At Menold, we provide exceptional commercial restoration and remodeling services to a variety of businesses across Central Illinois. With decades of experience, you can trust us to restore or revamp your company building quickly and efficiently. Has your company recently suffered damage from a flood, fire, or storm? Our restoration specialists are at your service 24/7, ready to provide you with quick and quality repairs so your company can return to working order. Are you looking for a new and improved interior design that makes a great first impression? Menold’s team of commercial remodeling professionals can achieve all of your remodeling goals.

Sometimes unexpected disasters happen resulting in large loss, which can be devastating to your business. Large loss situations require specialized practices to successfully restore your property, which is best done by a company with decades of experience. We proudly offer additional services such as temporary lighting, heating/cooling, etc. for these situations. We also present qualified commercial property owners with the opportunity to partner with us through the Menold Emergency Response Program (MERP). This program is meant for those seeking a professional partnership with a restoration company to repair their facility if damages occur. Menold’s emergency line guarantees professional communication within fifteen minutes of a call and on-site crew work within two hours after initial contact.

The team at Menold has the tools and expertise needed to repair commercial damages or provide a beautiful remodel for your business. With our customer-centered approach, you can rest assured that whatever the job, it will be done right. Contact us online to discuss your needs with one of our professionals or give us a call at 877-636-6537.