Menold Construction & Restoration is proud to serve the community by providing unmatched restoration and remodeling services to educational institutions and communal buildings throughout Central Illinois. Our students are the future, and we’re grateful to play a part in making sure their learning environments are safe following water, fire, storm, or mold damage. The Menold team has extensive experience in restoring and remodeling educational buildings spanning from kindergarten to college. We are accustomed to meeting strict deadlines due to summer and holiday breaks and understand how to work with minimal disruption to students and teachers when classes are in session.

Public buildings such as libraries, churches, and city halls each provide unique value to our communities. We want to ensure that they are accessible and secure for all those who enter. That’s why Menold’s goal is to analyze all fire damage, water damage, or mold growth and work quickly to restore your building to its original condition. Community buildings and educational institutions can also benefit from our excellent remodeling services, which can provide a new and improved building design. A modern look can improve the atmosphere and make for a more organized layout that can benefit students, teachers, and community residents and employees alike.

Disasters are extremely unfortunate and often occur when we least expect. Because of this, we’ve designed the Menold Emergency Response Program, a partnership agreement that promises you expert restoration services if your building incurs damage from a fire, flood, storm, or mold. We promise to break down all costs and provide you with progress updates throughout the whole process.

Menold’s team of restoration and remodeling professionals has the knowledge and expertise to fulfill your needs, no matter how large or complex the project may be. Contact our team to learn more about how we can serve you.  877-636-6537