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Commercial Renovation
with Menold


With a majority of our lives spent indoors and in the workplace, companies are creating more open work environments, bringing the outside-in, and offering more flexible amenities. Menold's experience ranges from traditional to modern and open concept. Whether you're an owner looking to refresh your common areas or a tenant considering a move, we will analyze your budget to help you make the right decision for your business - and your people as well.


From a new janitor's closet to a 100,000 square-foot head-to-toe refresh, our remodeling experts will develop a plan that considers your schedule, safety and logistics that work for all facility occupants and adjacent buildings. Our goal is to deliver a high performing space that allows your staff to perform at their very best.


  • Kitchette & Dining
  • Lobby & Common areas
  • Offices & Meeting Space
  • Additions
  • Exterior projects
  • Specialty Projects

As a professional remodeling company, our team specializes in multiple areas of commercial remodeling and renovation. Our focus is you, with customer-centered services that include:


  • Professional project scheduling focused on your completion date
  • Trusted, seamless processes that restore faith in traditional customer service
  • Clean construction environments with superior systems to control dust and noise
  • An experienced team offering architectural and interior design services
  • After-hours options and flexible scheduling for your convenience
  • References proudly supplied


With over 30 years of expert craftsmanship, artful design, and customer-friendly processes, Menold is your trusted choice for remodeling construction needs in Central Illinois!

commercial remodeling


Integrity is a management security service provider in Bloomington, il. menold has completed several remodeling projects for them. Modernizing their space has increased employee productivity and retention, while maximizing their company's potential and reputation. 

Before & After
Christ Lutheran School Kitchen Remodel
WEEK Conference Room Remodel
News 25 Waiting Area Remodel
Lobby Remodel
Meeting Room Remodel
Office Remodel
Cubicle Area Remodel
Christ Lutheran School Kitchen Remodel
Menold Hallway Remodel
Menold Lobby Remodel
Menold Kitchen Remodel
Christ Lutheran School Kitchen Remodel
Menold Office Remodel
WEEK Lobby Remodel
Christ Lutheran School Kitchen Remodel
WEEK Office Remodel
Conference Room Remodel
Christ Lutheran School Kitchen Remodel
Become a RED Client!

Menold has a priority service agreement available to all commercial clients. 


Need emergency service? We specialize in that, too!

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  • Illinois Wesleyan
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  • Sherman's
  • Snyder Village
  • Eastland Suites
  • OSF
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  • Independence Village
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