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Case Studies


There's nothing like remodeling and modernizing a home or business into today's world. Menold completes over 2,200 projects per year, and no two jobs are ever the same. Each come with their own set of challenges, learning curves and successes.

Remodeling a television studio is no easy task - they have to stay on the air! This was a new experience for our team, and the end result was really something for everyone to be proud of.

This is what you call giving a kitchen a modern facelift.

This commercial kitchen renovation turnout out beautiful. Their team has a fresh space to work from with easier access to essentials, a safer environment, and updated appliances.

This Washington home has been well-loved by the Sluder family for many years...47, to be exact. When it came time to consider a remodel, they knew exactly who to call. Why, you may ask?

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